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4WD Suspension Services - GVM & Suspension Upgrades

Driveline's own 4WD suspension and GVM upgrade brand, Durashock, combines cutting edge technology with a tough twin-tube gas charged shock absorber system.

Durashock is the result of years of meticulous research and design, intensive testing, development and experimentation. As Australia’s leading drivetrain specialists, it’s the 4WD suspension and GVM upgrade that we’ve always envisioned for our clients – and ourselves. 

Our Durashock range of suspension components includes shock absorbers, springs, 4WD lift kits and our latest offering of SMART GVM Upgrade kits.

If you own just about any popular 4WD, including Toyota LandCruiser or HiLux, Nissan Patrol, Pathfinder or Navara, Mitsubishi Pajero or Triton, Jeep, VW Amarok, Ford Ranger, Mazda BT50, Land Rover and Holden Colorardo, be assured we have you covered.

Our unique insight drawn from over 30 years of experience with 4x4 drivetrains, proficiently equips us with the unmatched capability to build remarkable suspension systems due to understanding the importance of the critically influential relationship between the balance of a vehicle’s driveline (our area of expertise) and its suspension components.

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Ruggedness Built-In

Built to last in the harshest of Australian conditions, these products are fully designed and tested in-house and off-road to ensure they meet our exacting quality standards and are suited to a comprehensive range of vehicles.

As you know, there are few environments in the world that are as imposing and hostile as the Australian outback. If our products can withstand and perform in these conditions (which we make sure they do!), then you can be confident that they’ll endure almost anything that you put them through. With Durashock, ruggedness is not a feature- it is in its foundation.

Custom-designed for Heavy Use

Driveline works closely with a number of recreational, fleet and Australian mine operators to create a range of high quality and cost-effective 4WD suspension components for these markets.  Vehicles operating in these industries frequently face gruelling conditions, requiring suspension components that not only withstand these punishing environments, but conquer them. Our custom 4WD suspension components, GVM Upgrades and 4x4 kits are designed specifically for heavy duty use, constantly performing through the intense pressure and rigorous grind that these work environments are known for.

After all, when you’re working in some of the most demanding industries in the world, you need 4x4 suspension components that can take the pressure and push back. You need Durashock.

Durashock Shock Absorbers

With over 15 years and millions of shocks down the road, our quality and value for money are set in stone. That’s why Durashock is the shock absorber of choice for major suspension companies in Australia and across the world.

Durashock gas-charged shock absorbers have a large body, tough twin tube design and a 36mm bore to ensure maximum performance and durability. It’s also designed to accommodate 2” spring lift, with some part numbers available to suit 4” and 6” variations. With a three year/60,000 km warranty, you won’t have to worry about repairs or replacements any time soon. Here’s what makes Durashock simply a cut above the rest:


  • Designed and developed for the harsh conditions of the Australian outback
  • Tough twin-tube construction
  • Precision engineered 18mm hardened chrome piston rods
  • 36mm big bore piston with long life, low friction teflon seal 
  • 2.5mm outer tube wall thickness
  • Heat resistant triple lip seals
  • Premium dampener oil for increased resistance to heat and aeration
  • Increased oil capacity to help with cooling during prolonged use
  • High-performance rubber bushes for less noise and a smoother ride

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New Exciting 4WD suspension products

We now also have stock for heavy duty shock absorbers for the following models:

  • Toyota Hilux GUN
  • Mitsubishi Triton MQ
  • Nissan Navara NP300
  • Holden Colorado 7 and Isuzu MU-X 
  • Ford Ranger and Everest
  • Mazda BT50

Our Volkswagen Amarok 4x4 struts are custom designed shocks suitable for standard height and up to 2 inch lift. They also feature a reinforced lower bracket to resist bending, shorter bump stops to permit increased suspension travel and spacer adjustable spring seat height. Mahindra Pickup big bore shocks are also available. 


Our range of SMART GVM kits are currently available for the Toyota LandCruiser 200 series, LandCruiser VDJ 78/79HiLux GUN and KUN26 4x4 vehicles, with other models actively under development.

So get your HiLux GVM upgrade and LandCruiser GVM upgrade today and be a part of the SMART revolution today!


Our SMART System

Properly increasing your vehicle’s gross vehicle mass (GVM) is notoriously difficult. Throughout our 30+ years in the Australian automotive industry, we’ve noticed that most upgrades tend to be compromises rather than actual solutions. When it comes to increasing your vehicle’s load potential, most typical upgrades provide it at the expense of safety and performance. To us, this is simply unacceptable.

That’s why we set out to design and create our own line of GVM upgrades and shock absorbers. From the beginning, we were committed to producing an upgrade that was different from the rest of the market. And that’s exactly what we created, thanks to Durashock’s SMART System leading our design. SMARTS stands for:

Superior Load Carrying

Durashock provides one of the largest federally approved gross vehicle mass upgrades for Toyota four wheel drives currently on the market. Featuring model dependent increases of up to 600kg, Durashock SMART GVMs can legally help your vehicle carry more. It’s the ideal solution for maximising your vehicle’s weight capacity while staying within legal limits. Strong yet agile, maxed out yet controlled – these are the qualities that our Durashock Smart GVM system offers your vehicle.

Minimal Height Increase

High lifts, when unladen, are the norm with most GVM upgrade packages. However, these lifts alter the vehicle’s centre of gravity, reducing its handling, performance and safety. It also makes it harder to load and unload. Durashock, however, is specifically designed to minimise vehicle lift. And unlike most typical upgrades, Durashock won’t radically change your vehicle’s height. Instead, you get maximum load capacity with minimum lift. 

With unladen increases of just 25-50mm in most instances, our SMART GVM Upgrades sit lower, retain a lower centre of gravity, and remain easier to load and unload than all other upgrades on the market.

All-around Comfort

The extreme loads placed upon GVM upgrade packages require coil and leaf springs to be heavier, stiffer, and often larger-than-standard factory components. This often results in harsh, unforgiving rides, particularly when the vehicle is driven unladen. Durashock SMART GVM upgrades have been purposely designed to deliver maximum load carrying capabilities with passenger friendly ride and handling characteristics, regardless of whether the vehicle is loaded or not. This way, you get a smoother ride and better control of your vehicle, even with a modified suspension system.

Real Safety Benefits

Durashock SMART GVM’s class-leading load carrying capability, minimal height increase, and all-around comfort come together to create an upgrade package that offers better driver and occupational health & safety benefits than any other GVM product on the market. These benefits include:

  • Reduced chance of overloading
  • Lower centre of gravity 
  • Reduced chance of rollover in emergency situations 
  • Lower tray, door, tailgate and sill heights 
  • Reduced chance of manual handling injuries 
  • All-around comfort 
  • Reduced driver stress and fatigue

At Driveline, we know that all the improvements in your system mean nothing if it won’t translate into real-world benefits. That’s why we’ve made sure that Durashock’s features result in benefits that you and your drivers can feel.

Tested & Federally Certified

Durashock SMART GVM upgrades are the only GVM upgrades tested and approved by the Federal Department of Transport and Road Safety Standards to feature SMART design.


When it comes to function and performance, no other 4WD suspension and GVM upgrade can compete with Durashock. The following are the reasons why Durashock’s S.M.A.R.T System makes it the best shock absorbers available on the market:

  • Increases your vehicle’s load carrying ability legally and safely 
  • Reduces your vehicle’s chances of being overloaded 
  • Improves vehicle handling, performance, and comfort 
  • Retains lower vehicle loading heights 
  • Retains lower vehicle centre of gravity 
  • Improves your vehicle’s attitude and performance when towing 
  • Reduces the risks and hazards faced by staff when using company vehicles 
  • Improves evidence of ongoing vehicular compliance 
  • Demonstrates your corporate commitment to OH&S 
  • Maintains ongoing licensing compliance 
  • Maintains insurance costs and compliance 
  • Maintains lease and fleet obligations 

If you’re interested in learning more about our Durashock suite of products, then call 1300 374 835 to talk to one of our specialists. Alternatively, you can contact us and send your enquiry through our website or e-mail.

When it comes to 4WD Suspension and GVM upgrades, you simply won’t find a better and more practical choice than Durashock. It’s the system that our clients have always sought and the one that we have always wanted ourselves. And after more than 3 decades in the automotive industry, we can now provide the suspension and shock absorbers that your vehicles deserve.

Get lifted today with Durashock’s 4WD Suspension and SMART GVM Upgrade.


Durashock SMART GVM Increase

Durashock Suspension Systems, Driveline Services own brand of high performance 4x4 Shock Absorbers and SMART GVM upgrades are designed for owners of Toyota Hilux GUN 4x4 , Toyota Hilux KUN26 4x4, Toyota Landcruiser 200 series and Toyota Landcruiser 70 series four wheel drive vehicles.

Volkswagen Amarok 4x4 Shock Absorber Upgrade

Driveline now offer their Durashock brand replacement shock absorber upgrade to suit Volkswagen Amarok 4x4 vehicles. These custom designed shocks are suitable for standard height and up to 2 inch lift and feature a reinforced lower bracket to resist bending.

IMPORTANT - Durashock Strut Bulletin

Durashock Struts offer adjustable spring seat height for up to 2" or 50mm lift using your standard OE springs. The purpose of this bulletin is to advise that the use of additional spacers with raised coils will limit the available upward travel which may result in internal damage and void your strut warranty.