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Industrial, Rail & Marine


Powertrain design and construction for harsh locations, such as a marine environment, requires specialised engineering solutions including heavy-duty seals and finishes to minimise the chances of component contamination and improve life hours.

With extensive experience in drivetrain design for cruisers, barges, dredges and ferries, Driveline can design, modify, manufacture and repair hard-wearing, long-lasting single and multi-piece drive and direct coupled shafts for almost any marine application. 


Industrial Balancing

Balancing heavy duty industrial shafts, radiator fans, armatures, pump propellers and impellers, machine spindles, centrifuges, gyroscopes, rollers, wheel hubs, brake drums, beaters, turbine shafts, large engine parts and more

Material Handling

Driveline is your one stop shop for material handling components.